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Posting Policies

What are the rules for using Omomakay? 

The following activities are prohibited on Omomakay Liberia:

  • Post ads that violate  Omomakay Liberia Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • Publish ads for sale if the ad or item is not located in Liberia.
  • Publish items in which the shipment of products is mentioned or required shipment to Liberia.
  • Publish multiple articles in a single ad. It is also not allowed to publish ads with images that contain several articles
    (example: Email numbers of different models).
     Ads must always be published separately,
    for each item with a specific description, price and real image of the item to be sold.
  • Publish an article for sale that is illegal to own.
  • Publish an item or service for sale, if the item is on the Prohibited Products and Services List
  • Post ads with suggestive images, naked or semi-nude body.
  • Publish ads in a language other than English. 
  • Post ads with links or web pages of other classified sites including logos in the photos.
  • Publish duplicate ads in multiple categories or multiple counties.
  • Publish contact information in fields other than those assigned.
  • Publish ads that have no other purpose but to send traffic to another website.
  • Post ads related to multilevel marketing or any other prohibited employment.
  • Post ads that contain adult, pornographic or erotic content. Also, any sexual content related to minors or people who are not able to understand the meaning of their 
    actions or people who are unable to resist such actions. Harassing or molesting to obtain personal or intimate relationships is not allowed.
  • Post defamatory ads, with hate speech, or contents that promote or advocate crimes, vices, intolerance or discrimination. 
  • Intentionally publish misleading information.
  • Any announcement that does not comply with the policies of Omomakay Liberia will be deleted from the site. Additionally, users who violate these policies will
    be prevented from using Omomakay Liberia in the future.
  • Our general rule is that you can not list, sell or buy items or services that are illegal to own, or that are not sold or purchased in accordance with Liberian laws and regulations.  
  • Publish advertisements with information on the images, such as prices, brands, telephone numbers, email addresses, web pages, or any other information
    that may be included in the advertisement description.

You are responsible for making sure that you comply with all applicable laws related to the items you buy or sell in Liberia.

 Our Terms of Agreements.

These general terms and conditions of use of the Site (the "Terms of Use") enter into force on September 17, 2017. 

Why accept Cookies?

At Omomakay Liberia we have changed our Terms of Use in order to adapt them to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We want you to know what user data we store, what we need them for, 
and who we share them within each specific case. Furthermore, we are making it even easier for you to exercise your right to manage your own data.

Our goal is that you enjoy the best possible experience with our website. As the GDPR comes into force, legislation requires us that you grant us permission—both to us and our partners—to store cookies in your browser. 

By registering to Omomakay Liberia Users accept these Terms of Use of the Site.

  • Omomakay Liberia manages databases accessible through the Site and the related mobile application in which users can advertise the sale of Items, and search for Items through the appropriate function. 
  • Omomakay makes available only the platform through which the database containing the advertisements is managed, without exercising any control over the content of published advertisements. 
    In particular, Omomakay does not represent the User that sells or rents Items through advertisements placed on Omomakay.

Omomakay Liberia does not participate in any way in the agreements and any kind of communication and or negotiation between the party who Posted the item or Adverts on Omomakay and the party interested
 in buying or hiring, neither as an intermediary nor as an agent or representative of the parties. The agreements and negotiations resulting from an advertisement contained on our 
website do not take place in any way via the Website and or the related mobile application and Omomakay is not involved in any way, the Dealers and Users act in complete independence.


Use of the Website. We authorize the use of this website only for your personal and business use. As a condition of your use of the Website, you agree to comply with local laws, including not limited to those
applicable to users protection, data protection and intellectual property laws (including its regulations and guidelines) and that you will publish your items or ads in the correct area or category,
free of texts, dialogues, sounds, images, trademarks, appellations of origin or other descriptions that could lead to error or confusion by deceptive or abusive and that you agree not to publish
ads that they do not show clear, truthful, concise, complete and accurate information regarding the ads, the price, the delivery and any other additional charge that may exist.


  • Omomakay Liberia has the right to change at any time the terms of use at any time by posting them on the Website or in the relevant mobile application. The new version of the Terms of Use will be automatically 
    effective after 2 weeks from the date of publication of the update on the Site or at the time of first use of our services made by the User after the changes, whichever occurs first. If the registered User 
    does not intend to accept the new version of the Terms of Use, he is required to cancel his / her user account.