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Safety Rules

At Omomakay  Liberia we want our user's online experience to be a successful one safe as well. Fortunately, most buyers and sellers at Omomakay Liberia have good intentions. 
But unfortunately, there is some minority who will try to abuse your trust. Scam ( cheating) is countered by us with all possible efforts. 
For example, sending money to someone for an item you haven't seen is not allowed on our site. You should meet sellers in a public gathering for a transaction. 
With common sense, you can also prevent a lot of trouble. Based on our experience and together with the police, we have written safety tips for you to act safely.

1. Be wise

If something seems too good to be true then that is often the case. For example, 

ask for the origin and the reason for the sale.

2. Know who you are dealing with

Make sure you have a good picture of who you are dealing with. For example, 

look at other ads from the seller or how long someone has been registered at Omomakay.
Check the seller or buyer for example via social media and internet forums.
3. Don't send money to the buyer

Don't send money to the person, make sure you see the item before making the payment, payment should be carried out in persons.

4. Safety Rules

Choose a place and time where you both feel comfortable with, and make sure not to go alone if you don't feel like. A public gathering will be suitable, make sure you look at the object before paying if the object is not as you saw on Omomakay use your common sense and act safely.